Misguided beliefs about Saudi Arabia

Common myths about Saudi Arabia

Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA was long closed to the public, there are various common myths that have been generated concerning this country.
These misguided beliefs are the explanations why many visitors miss the possibility to visit this incredible place. That is why today we will tell you the truth of some misguided beliefs of Saudi Arabia.

Women cannot check out Saudi Arabia alone

This is a country that’s governed with the laws of Islam, and it is popular that in Islam women must have special treatment, with restrictions along the way they proceed. But the truth is that, although Saudi Arabia is certainly a very traditional country, they may be less restrictive with women than additional countries in the Arab globe. In fact, a foreign female can travel alone in this country, rent cars, drive, among other activities.
A myth related to this first is that women cannot interact with men in public. But this is not true. It really is true that there are some specific locations where everything can be divided and ladies, but this is not the general rule. In fact, it can be the case that foreign guys talk to Saudi ladies without problem, you need to be careful never to display any affection like kissing in the cheek or holding hands.
On the other hand, it really is true that general public displays of affection are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, but that is a general guideline in Arab countries.

Dress codes

You don’t need to dress like them to visit their country. Even though the clothes they make use of are very comfortable and helpful for the type of environment and the sort of environment in which they live, it is not necessary that additionally you wear them. You can perfectly wear pants and nobody will tell you anything. And women, on the other hand, are not required to cover their faces. They should just wear a typical garment from that region to cover the entire body, but they can easily walk with their faces uncovered without any problem.
Hardly any know this, but women may also wear bikinis in a few of Saudi Arabia’s personal beaches. And, in view of the heat, you will surely enjoy visiting the beach.

Saudis are bad people

Something people have to understand is that in every elements of the globe there are good people and bad people, without exception and in any country in the globe you’ll be prone to meet bad people and great people. Regarding Saudi Arabia we find a country that’s governed by rules completely different from those of the Western world and that may shock us, but for many of them they have become normal and they are fine. Alternatively, their very tradition makes them extremely friendly and hospitable people.

It really is difficult to secure a visa to enter Saudi Arabia

That is a common myth, considering that before this country has been closed to the general public. But nowadays, with the de visa system ( evisa-ksa.com ) , if you belong to among the countries qualified to receive this visa, you’ll be able to acquire your visa without much problem.

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We hope these clarifications assist you to eliminate prejudices to go to this incredible place.

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