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Monday, 15 May 2006 14:46

Bird food guide

When it comes to choosing bird food there are many choices. The number one issue is quality.

This fact file will cover the obtain levitra without prescription'>obtain levitra without prescription main types of bird food and what to look for.

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Bird Seed

The variety of bird seeds and mixtures on the market is staggering. In most locations, however, the best all-around attractant is black-oil sunflower seed. This seed has a high meat-to-shell ratio; it is high in fat; and its small size and thin shell make it easy for small birds to handle and crack – striped sunflower seeds are larger and have thicker seed coats.

different seeds

Try starting with sunflower seeds, then experiment with other seeds or mixtures.


Suet is follow link cialis tadalafil a good choice for attracting insect-eating birds such as nuthatches and woodpeckers. Most suet is beef kidney fat, which is inexpensive and try it viagra pills available at many meat counters. Suet also can be purchased as processed cake that includes seeds, berries, and other ingredients. Be careful if you offer suet in hot weather; it may become rancid if it has not been specially processed.

nyjer seeds
Nyjer Seed

These are small and black with a high oil content. They need a special type of seed feeder, and are particular favourites with goldfinches and siskins.


These are rich in fat and are popular with tits, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers and siskins. Crushed or grated nuts attract robins, dunnocks and even wrens. Nuthatches and coal tits may hoard peanuts. Salted or dry roasted peanuts should not be used. Peanuts can be high in a natural toxin, which can kill birds, so buy from a reputable dealer, such as our online shop, to guarantee freedom from aflatoxin.

bird cake
Bird Cake and Food Bars

Fat balls and other fat-based food bars are excellent winter food. If they are sold in nylon mesh bags, always remove the bag before putting the fat ball out – the soft mesh can trap and injure birds. You can make your own bird cake by pouring melted fat (suet or lard) onto a mixture of ingredients such as seeds, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, cheese and cake. Use about one-third fat to two-thirds mixture. Stir well in a bowl and allow it to set in a container of your choice. An empty coconut shell, plastic cup or tit bell makes an ideal bird cake ‘feeder’. Alternatively, you can turn it out onto your birdtable when solid.


Mealworms are relished by Robins and Blue Tits, and may attract other insect-eating birds such as pied wagtails.

meal worms

Mealworms are a natural food that can be used to buy viagra now'>buy viagra now feed birds throughout the year. It can become quite expensive to constantly buy mealworms, and it is relatively easy to cultivate your own. It is very important that any mealworms fed to birds are fresh. Any dead or discoloured ones must not be used as they can cause problems such as salmonella poisoning.

wax worms


Waxworms are excellent, but expensive. Proprietary foods for insect-eating birds, such as ant pupae and insectivorous and softbill food are available from bird food suppliers and pet shops. Insect food appropriately offered can attract Treecreepers and Wrens

Polyunsaturated Margarines or Vegetable Oils

Avoid these as they are unsuitable for birds. Unlike humans, birds need high levels of saturated fat, such as raw suet and lard. They need the high energy content to keep warm in the worst of the generic cialis next day delivery'>generic cialis next day delivery winter weather, since their body reserves are quickly used up, particularly on cold winter nights. The soft fats can easily be smeared onto the feathers, destroying the waterproofing and insulating qualities.

Dog and Cat food

Meaty tinned dog and cat food are a good substitute for earthworms during the warm, dry part of the summer when worms are beyond the birds' reach. Blackbirds readily take dog food, and even feed it to their chicks.

dog food

Dry biscuits are not recommended as birds may choke on the hard lumps. It is sometimes added to cheaper seed mixtures for bulk. Soaked dog biscuit is excellent, except in hot weather as it quickly dries out. Pet food can attract larger birds such as magpies and gulls, and also neighbourhood cats. If this is likely to be a problem, it is best avoided.

Milk and Coconut

Never give milk to it's great! 100 mg viagra any bird as their gut is not designed to digest milk and it can result in serious stomach upsets, or even death. Birds can, however, digest fermented dairy products such as cheese. Mild grated cheese can be a good way of attracting Robins, Wrens and Dunnocks.


Give fresh coconut only, in the shell. Rinse out any residues of the sweet coconut water from the middle of the coconut before hanging it out to prevent the build-up of black mildew.

Desiccated coconut should never be used as it may swell once inside a bird and cause death.

Rice and Cereals

Cooked rice, brown or white (without salt added) is beneficial and readily accepted by all species during severe winter weather. Uncooked rice may be eaten by birds such as pigeons, doves and link for you cost of cialis pheasants but is less likely to attract other species.


Porridge oats must never be cooked, since this makes them glutinous and could harden around a bird's beak. Uncooked porridge oats are readily taken by a number of wow look it buy viagra without a prescription bird species.

Any breakfast cereal is link for you mail order cialis acceptable birdfood, although you need to be careful only to put out small quantities at a time. It is best offered dry, with a supply of drinking water nearby, since it quickly turns into pulp once wetted.

Mouldy and Stale Food

Many moulds are harmless, but some that can cause respiratory infections in birds, and so it is best to be cautious and avoid mouldy food entirely.

mouldy bread

If food turns mouldy or stale on viagra 100 your birdtable, you are probably placing out too large a quantity for the buy cialis online without prescription birds to eat in one day. Always remove any stale or mouldy food promptly. Stale food provides a breeding ground for salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. At least one type of salmonella causes death among such species as Greenfinches and House Sparrows.

Other foods

Be creative and see what you can attract with a variety of foods. Try non-salted or non-buttered popcorn, hulled sunflower seeds, peanut hearts, soaked raisins, pieces of fruit, fruit seeds such as melons and apples, and grapes.


Birds 'chew' their food in their muscular, stomach-like gizzards. To aid in the grinding, birds swallow small, hard materials such as sand, small pebbles, ground eggshells, and ground oyster shells. 'Grit' will therefore attract many birds as a food supplement. You can purchase grit at most feed and pet stores. If you decide to provide eggshells, be sure to sterilize them first. You can boil them for 10 minutes or heat them in an oven (20 minutes at 250 degrees). Let the egg shells cool, then crush them into pieces about the size of sunflower seeds. Offer the eggshell in a dish or low platform feeder, separate from your seed feeders.



Birds need water for drinking and bathing, so they are attracted to water just as they are to feeders. You can purchase a bird bath or simply use dishes or shallow pans. Birds seem to prefer baths that are at ground level, but raised baths will attract birds as well. Change the water every day to keep it fresh and clean.

If the bath is on the ground, arrange a few branches or stones in the water so that birds can stand on them and drink without getting wet (this is particularly important in winter).

Such 'islands' also will allow waterlogged bugs, especially bees, a surface to climb onto and dry out so they can fly away.

One of the best ways to make your birdbath more attractive is to buy now online levitra'>buy now online levitra provide dripping water. You can buy a dripper or sprayer, or you can recycle an old bucket or plastic container by punching a tiny hole in the bottom, filling it with water, and hanging it above the birdbath so the water drips out.

In freezing climates, a bird bath heater will keep ice from forming. Never add anti-freeze; it is poisonous to all animals including birds.

bird bath

Bird-feeding tips

  • Birds may be wary of new foods. If you add something new to your bird-feeding station, offer it in a familiar place.
  • If you buy a lot of seed, store it in a cool, dry place, in a rodent-proof, metal can. Check the seed often for mold. Dispose of viagra price comparison any seed that is questionable.
  • Do not feed birds any foods that contain chocolate. An ingredient of chocolate theobromine is toxic to birds just as it is to dogs and cats.
  • Do not use seed that has been stored for an extended period of time; it may grow mold, which can contain harmful toxins.

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