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Friday, 15 May 2009 11:35

Birdfeeder Guide

Your guide to the different types of birdfeeders

There are many different type of bird feeders on the market, but which feeder should you use to attract which bird? This guide shows the main type of feeders available to attract UK and Ireland birds.

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mesh feeder

Mesh Feeders

Fill Mesh Feeders with whole peanuts (though not during the breeding season) to attract Tits, Nuthatches and even Spotted Woodpeckers. Avoid using nylon mesh bags for peanuts as birds can get trapped in these.


plastic feeder

Seed Feeders

These are generally made from clear plastic and have holes with perches below them to wow look it viagra generique attract finches and other seed feeders. You can make a simple version from an old plastic drink bottle. Specialist nyjer seed feeders are good for goldfinches and siskins.


suet ball feeder

Fat Feeders

Fat feeders will attract tits in particular and are especially good in the winter. You can buy holders and make or buy fat balls to put inside, or buy ornamental feeders ready-stuffed with fat and seed mixtures.

coconut feeder


Halve and drain fresh coconuts to hang from a tree or bracket. You can also use the empty shell as a fat (suet) feeder.

catch tray

Seed Trays

Simple open containers that can be put out on their own or attached to the bottom of an existing feeder to stop seed dropping on the ground and encouraging rats.

mealworm feeder

Meal Worm Feeders

Meal Worm Feeders are small open containers that can be attached to trees or fences.

cage feeder

Cage Feeders

If you have squirrels and large birds such as Magpies hogging the feeder, get one surrounded by a cage so only small birds can reach the food. This also affords them some protection from attack by Sparrowhawks and other predators.


hanging feeder

Hanging Feeders

Hang feeders from a tree, a pole in the lawn or from a wall bracket. Make sure they're out of the viagra online store'>viagra online store reach of it's great! viagra purchase cats either from the ground or via an overhanging branch or fence.

ground feeder

Ground Feeders

Many birds prefer to forage at ground level. You can still cater for these with seed and peanuts in a ground hopper. These can also be surrounded by caging for protection. Site them well away from plant cover where cats could set up an ambush.

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