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Birdwatching Software

Birdwatching software for birders for use on PCs and Apple Macs.

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BoxKnoxGet a free safety box – 100% anonymity! The box is a secure safe on the Internet where you can store important information that you need in everyday life. Via the Internet or your mobile telephone, you can get hold of your codes irrespective ...


Encyclopedia of British & European BirdsThe ultimate interactive bird identification guide for the serious birdwatcher. Learn about bird watching equipment, how to take better photographs and much more. Study bird evolution and the life history of levitra online without prescription'>levitra online without prescription a b ...

19 Whitby Avenue, Sunderland, Rtne and Wear, United Kingdom, SR6 8AW

SOARINGBird watching journal and log that saves all your birding experiences: Written log, Photographs, Sound recordings, Video clips, Field trip details and special reports so you can recall your specific details.

19 Whitby Avenue, South Bents Estate, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, England, SR6 8AW

Soaring Birding Log/JournalA fantastic program that allows you to store your photos, Video clips, Sound recordings and written logs in one place. The program is just try! generic viagra from canada very easy to navigate and childsplay to cialis 20 mg use. If you have spent a great deal of money on top of ...

The Concise Guide to British BirdsBased on the award-winning CD-ROM Guide to British Birds, this single disk features only the birds that most people are likely to come across either in their local countryside or on a trip to the coast. Hence it is chea ...

The DVD Guide to All the we use it viagra daily Birds of EuropeThis latest edition includes even more video clips, sound recordings, illustrations and text than previous versions, making it the most comprehensive collection of video clips and sound recordings ever published cov ...

The DVD Guide to British BirdsThis interactive software is on DVD and compatible on Macintosh and Windows PC. Features Covers 333 species Around 800 video clips Nearly 500 sound recordings Over 500 superb illustrations Nearly 300 nest and egg photogra ...

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