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The world of telescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars can be quite daunting to cheap viagra free shipping the uninitiated. Part buyer's guide, part instruction manual, this reference sorts out all the essential details. It provides a foundation in such basics as telescope types, ...


Another magnificent achievement and a unique work of huge importance - a handsome, easy-to-read, comprehensive cultural study, species by species, of all the birds in Britain. Companion volume to Flora Britannica. Birds Britannica is neither an identif ...

Bill Oddie's passion for birds has taken him all over the world. In "Follow that Bird!" he recalls some of the more memorable - and often bizarre - circumstances in which he has found himself and the birds.

Gordon D'Arcy's book is lowest price viagra'>lowest price viagra concerned with the disappearance of levitra 10 mg a number of once-familiar Irish birds. The 12 case studies which make up the core of the book were compiled from a combination of literary and archaeological sources.

The world of optics is a bewildering one. There are hundreds of models, variations, and specifications, as well as dozens of brands.Here in one book is an exact listing, in table format for ease-of-comparison shopping for nearly every telescope, binocul ...

Stephen Moss's guide is an information-packed introduction to bird behaviour, aimed at both the only here viagra generic novice birdwatcher and the more experienced birder, who wants to know more. The way birds behave is one of the vital keys to accurate identification and thi ...

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